Stack Test Group provides a full range of air compliance and emissions testing services. Tests are performed using approved methods in accordance with permit conditions by Stack Test Group’s highly trained air compliance specialists. As a result, tests are completed properly, and the reports are accurate and delivered on time.

Our services include:

Compliance Testing

• MACT Compliance

• Permit Compliance Testing

• Trial Burn Support and Emission Sampling

• Title III, IV, and V Compliance Determinations

• Visible Opacity Observations

Combustion/Control Device Optimization

• Ammonia Slip Evaluations

• ASME Boiler and Air Heater Efficiency Testing

• Baghouse Collection Efficiency

• Basic Oxygen Furnace Emissions Collection System Efficiency Testing

• Electrostatic Precipitator Optimization

• FGD Performance Guarantee Testing

• Gas Turbine Emissions Testing

• NOx Reduction Programs

• SCR Tuning and Guarantee Performance Testing

• Scrubber Efficiency Determinations

• Thermal Oxidizer Optimization

Continuous Emission Monitoring System Certification

• CEMS Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA)

• Cylinder Gas Audit (CGA)

• PEMS Certification

• COMS Certification

Destruction/Capture Efficiency Studies

• Destruction Efficiency Testing

• Temporary Total Enclosures Certification

• Permanent Total Enclosure Verification

Emissions Studies and Specialized Testing

• Air Toxic Studies for HAPs

• Emission Factor and Inventory Development

• Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)

• Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds

• PM10, PM2.5, and Particle Size Distribution Studies

• Parametric Monitoring Studies

• Research and Design Testing

• Volatile Organic Compounds

Expert Support

• Industry and Agency Liaison

• Stack Sampling Training

• Stack Testing Oversight