R.B. Jacko & Associates, Inc.

“I have worked with the Stack Test Group team in the field performing testing for my clients and have observed them to be knowledgeable both with the process and the sampling protocols. It is obvious that they are very experienced in what they do and get the job done in a very professional and efficient manner.”

Robert B. Jacko, Ph.D., P.E., President, R.B. Jacko Associates, Inc.

Quemetco, Inc.

“Having used several other testing companies before, it has been a great change in experience since we started using Stack Test Group over eight years ago. We continue to use Stack Test Group due to their professionalism and overall great customer focus and service.”

Bob Kelsey, EHS Compliance Manager

Environmental Partners, Inc.

“The Stack Test Group is our go-to for emissions testing projects. Bill Byczynski and his crew are the “A-Team” of stack testers, bringing unparalleled knowledge, experience, and problem-solving capabilities to each emissions testing project. If you want it done right, they are the right choice.”

Mark A. Home, P.E., Jeffrey M Pfost, and Bruce Connell

Bunge North America, Inc.

“Bill Byczynski is a most capable and professional businessman. He knows his craft and retains only capable employees. As was said many years ago ‘Work with those you would invite into your home for drinks and dinner.’ The Stack Test Group qualifies hands-down.”

Robert L. Henricks, P.E.
Environmental and Safety Specialist